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That’s what Living Above the Clouds is all about.  It’s emerging from the tunnel vision that often accompanies the “Generation Me” attitude of youth, and evolving toward a more panoramic view of life gained only through an accumulation of years, experience and reflection.  Above the Clouds every day is a sunny day, an opportunity to survey beyond your immediate surroundings and leverage your passion, your skills, and your God-given resources to help others help themselves.

Above the Clouds is also about SIGNIFICANCE.  It’s working alongside organizations like Habitat for Humanity International, Halftime, Hope for the Nations, and Firm Foundations Romania with the philosophy that building families can start with something as fundamental as building the home.  I think the folks at Habitat put it best:  It’s a help up, not a hand out.

Finally, Above the Clouds is a CALL TO ACTION.  Click on the Charities tab above to learn more about opportunities to help your local, national, and world communities.  Visit the Careers in Real Estate page to learn how the choice to work with Keller Williams Realty early in my career molded me into the business leader that would enjoy three straight decades of professional success to come.  At the Real Estate Referrals tab you can learn how I continue to leverage my relationship with today’s top Real Estate network to help you find a professional in your area best equipped to champion your cause through the often emotional process of buying or selling your home.

Perspective, Significance, Action.

I invite you to join me… LIVING ABOVE THE CLOUDS